Governing Body

Institute Management Committee

Institute Management Committee Provides the platform for closer interaction with the industry which is very vital for successful implementation of Vocational Training Programme. The IMC consists Director, Chairman, Principal, faculty representative, Trainee representative, 2 member from PTA of the Institute.

Institute Management Committee is empowered for addition of new trade, deletion of obsolete trades, assessing requirement of the faculty training, student selection, staff selection, deciding on the machinery requirement and preparing specification for it, arranging workshop seminars and industrial visits, sanctioning the scholarship to the deserving eligible trainees etc…

Role and Responsibilities of the IMC

  • Generation & Utilization of Finance
  • Donation of Machinery & Equipments
  • Selection of Contract Faculty
  • Trainees Selection
  • Employment to the passed-out trainees
  • Faculty & Staff Development
  • Organizing Seminars, Workshops & Exhibitions
  • Industrial Training
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Up-gradation of Teaching Aids
  • Developing MIS System
  • Examination Supervision
  • Faculty Evaluation

Chairman’s Message

PA Abdul Salam

Training centers is undoubtedly an industrial unit. Here instead of products, technicians are moulded. Here is the place where a student gets his first exposure to the practical aspects of the theories he learned. All his learning since then remains incubated in his mind. Here is the place where he gets his ideas practiced. He starts caring for others and the society he lives in. Thus the training centre plays a pivotal role in moulding a perfect technician who eventually will involve in the restructuring of society.

I personally feel that every training institute should have a vision. A vision is an image of what the institution should contribute. It should deeply be set in the development and being of society. It is actually a continuing mission where the best is always redefined according to the changing needs of society. A good industrial training institute gives the trainees a clear vision, strongly associated with the industrial development of the society.

I am sure that Lifa ITI goes in parallel with all these. It is a very challenging task to train the students so as to make them good workers who can adopt themselves to the needs of time. So extreme care is to be taken in this regard. Lifa undertakes this responsibility as a part of our social commitment. An institution is rated mainly by the culture it upholds. No institution can prosper without a culture based on our values and tradition. We should always remember that such a culture is created with the unique blending of the committed teachers and inspired students. Only that would sustain the ages.




Technology now rules supreme in a civilized society. Machines became an integral part of our daily life. They have harnessed the mighty forces of nature to the need of mankind. Man’s amusement have now been administrated by machines. Communication in this modern world is impossible deprived of technology. Engineering manipulates every needs of the society as ITI improves and increases in its needs day by day.

Technical education is a sort of education which equips man for work in the practical sense of the term and it aims at making one person technically fit for the business of life. We need engineers to manage our industries, farming, and even in entertainments. But at the same time we need a technically skilled manual labours to work.

Here is the importance of ITIs. We train our students to a well-equipped labour who can easily face the challenges of their filed with tenacity. We also teach them to be proud of the skill they have achieved and how they can contribute to the development of their field and there by society. We teach them how they are important in a technically driven society. Lifa ITI provides students with the correct environment which helps them to be in the right path. Our students are given world class laboratory facilities where they put into practice the knowledge they acquired from books. An institution is always judged mainly in terms of its teaching culture. Here we have an excellent team of teachers who regard their profession as an opportunity to serves the society by moulding good workers. A commitment shared with the students, a commitment which inspires the students and i am sure that our institution excels many with such a shared commitment.


In a society driven by technology it is very important to keep in touch with the changing trends in this field. We need efficient engineers, supervisors and all the more efficient workers. The industrial training institutes always have a vital role in fueling the industrial growth of any nation.

Learning at Lifa ITI is not merely getting trained in one field of technology. It is an invitation to every student to understand the large world of technology and its scopes. We open before our students a threshold where through they can have a glimpse of the whole technical world. Being exposed to such an atmosphere inspires the student to be passionate to his dreams and to pursue it with perseverance. Lifa ITI not only provides the students technical skills but also shows them great opportunities for employment both in India and abroad. We also provide LIFA scholarship for talented trainees. We are one of the best in our state and our results and career guidance speaks louder than words.


PARENTS TEACHER ASSOCIATION A well-organized parent Teacher association has been functioning in this institute. Every year members of PTA Committee will be elected from the general body meeting. PTA plays a vital role in various activities like trainees welfare, Infrastructural development, general discipline and overall development of this institute.

    • President – REMANI C S (9495766336)
    • Secretary – BEEVIJA A SALAM (Principal)
    • Vice President – SYED HASSAN SHERIF (9567273273)
    • Treasurer –   NISHAD (Instructor) (8129676816)

Member –

  • BABU. C