Land & Building at the Institute

1 Total accommodation ( Sq Metre) Available/Required for the whole Institute as per NCVT norms 930.75 m2

Office & Other Facilities

Description Required as per NCVT Norms Available in the Institute
Office 60 60m2
Principle 15 – 20 35m2
Stationary store room 10 37.20m2
Library and reading room 30 m2 30m2



Trade Maximum Number of Units in One shift only Workshop Class Room
Required as per NCVT norms Actually Available Shortage Required as per NCVT norms Actually Available Shortage
M.M.V 2 84 m2x2 93m2x2 NIL 30 m2x 2 37.20m2x2 NIL
M.R.A.C 2 80 m2x2 93m2x2 NIL 30 m2x2 39.06m2+59m2 NIL
F.O.A 1 56 m2 77m2 NIL 30 m2 39.06m2 NIL

Power Supply

Present Electric Load in KW 35
Date of Connection
Connection in the name of
Meter No. 1145791016802
Seal No.


Sl No Trade Maximum No unit in One shift Power supply required as per norms in KW Power supply available in the Institute in KW


M.M.V 2 4.8 KW x 2 15.68 KW


M.R.A.C 2 6.82 KW x 2 15.69 KW


F.O.A 1 4.5 KW 4.5 KW
Total Electrical Load 27.74 kw 35.87 kw